A-10 Thunderbolt

A-10 Thunderbolt

The A-10 Thunderbolt also known as the Warthog, the "flying gun" and the TankBuster. The Aircraft was used extensively during Operation Desert Storm. It was also included in the Kosovo crisis, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The mission of the aircraft is a ground attack against tanks, armored vehicles, and installations, and close air support for ground forces.

Aircraft Description

The A-10 is a high-survivability and versatile aircraft, popular with pilots for the "get home effectiveness. It is suitable for operation from forward bases, with short take-off and landing capabilities. The maneuverability at low speed and low altitude (below 1,000ft) allow for accurate and effective targeting and weapon delivery over all types of terrain. 

The Time Two A-10s Took Out 23 Tanks In A Single Day.

It's is 9:30 am and french gazelles of the Third RHC, attack a few scattered Iraqi armored with anti-tank missiles and fire short bursts of 20-millimeter cannon fire near trenches. The defending Iraqis have no desire to fight and this is enough for them to surrender. 


In the Southeast, a group encounters a company of Iraqi T-55 tanks. In about 10 mins, the A-10s, flown by Capt. Eric Solomonson and Lt. John Marks, dispatched six tanks with infrared AGM-65 Maverick missiles and another two with their legendary 30mm cannons.


But rather than return to base, solomonson and marks refueled and reloaded for two more sorties in a completely different target area, disabling an additional 15 tanks while providing close air support for Marines deployed to rescue the pilots of two downed AV-8B Harriers.

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