About Us

The History of Blackbird Flight Wear Inc.

It was 1990.  The television channels were filled with images of our brave military fighting in what came to be known as Desert Storm.  Airborn Flightware was born!

Airborn was introduced to the Blackbird line by a sales rep at the Javits Center in New York in the early 1990’s.  The Airborn proprietors were attracted to the powerfully bold designs.  They marveled at the impeccable ability of the artist who - by hand – stippled such detailed and spectacular images of aircraft.  The addition of the Blackbird line immediately made an impact on the Airborn name.

As Airborn thrived, Blackbird began to face ownership concerns.  As a result, Airborn purchased the licensing rights to print and manufacture the Blackbird line, which led to the ultimate purchasing of the Blackbird firm in the late 1990’s.  This purchase led to in-house embroidery, which enhanced their position in the aviation/military apparel business. 

Airborn and Blackbird were synonymous.  As their presence at air shows increased throughout the United States, they developed a loyal customer base and following at home and abroad.  Due to the prominent brand and devoted fan base, Airborn Flightware was purchased in December 2016 by two young entrepreneurs and reborn as Blackbird Flight Wear Inc. (Airborn Flight Wear).  Currently operating in Long Island, New York the firm continues to manufacture its products in the USA and serve its fans across the globe!